ExaGear Desktop is proprietary software. So, you have to purchase a license here to use  ExaGear Desktop.
License key file is sent in attachment in an email immediately after purchase. A key file is called like pk-000000001234.key.
Usually, activation of ExaGear happens automatically and you don't have to do any special action. But in some cases, activation might fail and below the description how you can fix it.

What to do if I got license check fail

1. The license key file should be located in /opt/exagear/lic/. Please check that the license file there. You can do it by typing the following command in terminal:

ls -la /opt/exagear/lic/

if you don't see a license key file there please place it in /opt/exagear/lic/.

2. If the license file is in place you can initiate activation manually by typing the following command in terminal:

sudo -E /opt/exagear/bin/actool

What to do if above doesn't work

If manual activation doesn't work please check the following:

  • Check your internet connection with ping 
  • Try to re-download the license key file on your device. Sometimes it's corrupted during download

If all of above doesn't work we'd be happy to solve your issue. Just drop a line about your issue in chat right on this page on the bottom right corner. 

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