The ExaGear Desktop Trial is currently available for Raspberry Pi and Odroid devices and is kept on Raspberry Pi and Odroid repositories respectively. To set up your ExaGear Desktop and get the trial license you need to do the following steps:

  1. Open the command line 
  2. Input two simple commands
sudo apt-get update                                                       
sudo apt-get install exagear-desktop    

   3. After that run 'exagear' command in command line:


   4. You'll see the pop-up form:

   5. Input your name and email address to activate your trial license key.

Your demo is started since this activation. You have 3 days (72 hours) for using a full version of ExaGear Desktop. On the expiration date of that period, you'll need to purchase the lifetime license.

If you want a detailed installation guide, please watch the video: 

NOTE! It's possible that an error may occur, saying: "Can't open display: Failed to issue trial key". In that case, you need to connect your Raspberry Pi device to a monitor or follow the instructions below.

We usually solve the issue with ssh + X11 forwarding. You'll need some kind of a Windows PC to fulfill the following operations on:

  1. Install Xming X Server for Windows
  2. Run Xming Server
  3. Install Putty (download it from the official site
  4. Run Putty, enter your RPi IP address, select X11 in the options menu and check the box labeled “Enable X11 forwarding”:

   5. Login to Raspberry Pi and run GUI of a program

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