To use the new version of ExaGear you should make fresh (clean) installation of the new version, i.e. uninstall old ExaGear packages and then install new ones. To do so please open ARM terminal and run the following command.

Backup your license key:

sudo cp /opt/exagear/lic/pk* ~/Downloads

!!! Note that the following command will fully delete your guest x86 image with all guest x86 applications installed on it.
Uninstall old ExaGear packages:

sudo apt-get purge exagear exagear-desktop exagear-raspbian 
sudo apt-get purge exagear-mem2g exagear-legacy exagear-armv8 exagear64

sudo rm -rf /opt/exagear/

Unpack downloaded archive with the new version of ExaGear (by default downloaded archive is saved to Downloads directory):

cd ~/Downloads/

tar -xvzpf exagear-desktop-*.tar.gz

Install and activate ExaGear Desktop by running script:

sudo ./

This is it. The script installs the new version of ExaGear and the guest x86 image that better fits your host ARM operating system. 

To learn more about ExaGear Desktop software features and pricing

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